3.7V lithium polymer battery 602025 062025 MP3 Bluetooth DIY gift recorder 250MAH

3.7V lithium polymer battery 602025 062025 MP3 Bluetooth DIY gift recorder 250MAH

List Price: US $6.99
Price: US $5.10
You save: US $1.89 (27%)
List Price: US $6.99
Price: US $5.10
You save: US $1.89 (27%)
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Liter energy battery
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Video Game Player
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Hello, we are all batteries have a custom size,

if you need to customize the size of your battery,

contact us, we can customize according to your requirements.thank you

Brand: Detai energy (DTP)

Model: 602025 062025

Nominal Voltage : 3.7V

Charging voltage : 4.2V

Nominal Capacity : 250mAh

Discharge Temperature : -20 C ~ +60 C

Protection IC parameters : Overcharge protection voltage 4.20V 0.05V, over-discharge protection voltage 2.7V 0.1V

Certification : CE RoHS

Product Features

1 LiCoO2Cathode material ( advantage: Operating voltage 4.2V-3.7V, the charge and discharge voltage stable, high specific energy, capacity attenuation ) cycle of life of more than 500 times, 300 times more than the cycle capacity retention rate of 80%

2 Built-in Built-in two-way protection IC circuit board , overcharge protection voltage 4.20V 0.05V, over-discharge protection voltage 2.7V 0.1V

3 maximum charge current of 1C, the maximum discharge current of 2C. Recommended charging current 0.2C to 0.5C, 1C discharge current maximum

4 green, does not contain harmful metals such as cadmium , lead, mercury and the like, the factory passed ISO9001 environmental management system certification, product complies with CE RoHS certified battery charger products certified by UL


1.Absolutely Safe And Reliable;

2. Quality Assurance Price Concessions;

3. High energy density (380-400Wh/L) ;

4. Long cycle life ;

5. Wholly closed dust-free workshops,securing high quality;

6. No memory effect;

7. Pollution-free (not Contain Cadmium,Lead, Mercury) ;non-polluting;

8.new type of energy;

9.rapid charge.

the best choice for the following applications:

1.Mp3,mp4,mp5player,bluetooth headset.mini-speaker,video pen.
2.Music box,smart locks,hand warmer,eyelash curler,electric toys.
3.Usb rechargeable battery,miners lamp,digital products.
4.Mini electric fan battery,mini meter reading,wireless ordering,wireless data transmitter.gifs
5.Portable electric , Massager.Wide range applications.
6.Tablet PC, Medical usage.


1.100%Brand New battery

2.High quality and durable

3.Provides excellent continuous power sources to your device 4.High energy density, long life battery 5.This battery has an extra long life for all your battery powered devices

Shipping terms

*2-100pcs———-Shipping by Swedish packets,about 45-55 days arrival.

*Above 100pcs—Shipping by UPS or Fedex,about 7 days arrivlal.

Payment way


*Notices: No appearance scratch and no artificial damage.

*Six-months warranty for guarantee.

*Notices: Non-man-made damage for free cost of raw materials and artificial maintenance.

Why choose us

1.We are factory and trading company since 2003, 12 years experience and professional.

2.Hot selling around the world,many customers prefect items excellent performance.

3.3 sales teams and 5 QC and after-service teams.Best to You.

4.Excellent quality,competitive prices.

5.Choose us because of your wisdom.

Expert review
3.7V lithium polymer battery 602025 062025 MP3 Bluetooth DIY gift recorder 250MAH.
Review by: Nickolas P.

I love this product so strongly that I made a decision to leave my first testimonial ever! I'll admit that when I saw this article when just browsing webstores once, I had no intention of purchasing anything. Upon more particular search, however, I was interested by the finding that this maker cares for ecology questions. This may not sound all that material unless you happen to own, or are interested in having pollution-free products as best as one can.

I examined all over the internet to know if I could solve my problem and stumbled upon this product. It’s unknown for me, but it has many enthusiastic testimonials and I was in need of something like this! So, I took up 3.7V lithium polymer battery 602025 062025 MP3 Bluetooth DIY gift recorder 250MAH. It came today, and I was delighted by its great quality and even with the wrapper – a welcome find these days. The first thing that I did was trialing it for the characterization specified on this store. No questions there: all meets the statement.

The quality is so much greater than I've ever experienced or even expected. I had certain doubts but I was wrong. This is a sound, well-made product and I recommend it highly. This deal is also a slight gift to myself to make my everyday life a little more pleasing...

When I was ready to make an order and wanted to clarify some details – I’m very circumspect when ordering from an unchecked online store – backing was very nice and ready to help. They answered all my requests with improbable endurance. If you were familiar with me, you would realize that it’s not so simple :-)

So here’s the content of my buyer experiment:

PROS: Nice quality product, fast shipping.

Disadvantages: None that I can remember.

For this cost, I am greatly delighted with 3.7V lithium polymer battery 602025 062025 MP3 Bluetooth DIY gift recorder 250MAH. I will definitely take up from this online store more.
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Review Summary
I never actually wrote customer reviews about an article until I tested this one. AMAZING PERFECT. Good product , especially for the money. Performs as intended. Functions better than any of the other products that I have trialed.
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